About Communication Design Quarterly

Communication Design Quarterly (CDQ) is a peer-reviewed publication that focuses on communication design-focused work, but it’s not beholden to any traditional disciplinary boundaries. We publish research from a range of humanistic and social scientific disciplines that examines how communication (defined broadly) can be designed more effectively. We are particularly open to a range of methodological and theoretical approaches, and we are devoted to a fair, equitable, and productive review process. CDQ‘s editorial team is always working to make sure our publication is welcoming to scholars and practitioners from different backgrounds who may be at different stages in their careers and housed within different traditional disciplinary structures.

CDQ promotes high quality, peer-reviewed communication-design research through its position as the peer-reviewed publication of the Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) Special Interest Group for Design of Communication (SIGDOC). While the publication is sponsored by SIGDOC and ACM, we also encourage authors who may not be affiliated with those organizations to submit their work. CDQ articles are published both online first on this website and are featured in the ACM Digital Library.

The editorial team is devoted to working with authors throughout the editorial process. Consequently, if you have questions about whether your work would fit with CDQ, please do not hesitate to contact the Editor-in-Chief Jordan Frith directly at jfrith@clemson.edu. He is happy to answer questions and help authors prepare their work for review.

The rest of this site provides more information about the publication, including the publication’s submission guidelines,, an archive of the current and past issues of the journal, CDQ’s statements on anti-racist publication practices and ethical data visualization, a collection of online first articles, and a list of the members of the editorial board.

Communication Design Quarterly’s online first model

Communication Design Quarterly’s Online First model allows cutting-edge research to be published in a timely fashion. As articles are accepted, CDQ will publish an online-accessible version of the article, accompanied by an individual pdf and a DOI (digital object identifier), on the CDQ website.

You may cite your article using the date of online publication and the DOI. After publication of the journal issue containing your article you may cite your article including the volume, issue, and page number as well, along with the DOI. The DOI remains the same for both versions. Past articles can be found in the ACM digital library and are linked to on our issues archive page.

The DOI associated with your article is a permanent locator for your online document. Though the web address for your article will change as your work moves from Online First to our quarterly publication, the DOI will not change.

The ACM Digital Library

By publishing your work with CDQ, you grant to ACM the following non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide rights:

  • to publish in print on condition of acceptance by the editor
  • to digitize and host your work on the CDQ website
  • to digitize and post your work in the electronic version of this publication
  • to include the work in the ACM Digital Library and in any services related to the Digital Library
  • to allow users to make a personal copy of your work for noncommercial, educational or research purposes

As a contributing author, you retain copyright to your article or review, and ACM will refer requests for republication directly to you. ACM asks all authors to include their contact information in their submissions. Opinions expressed in published works are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily express the opinions of the ACM or SIGDOC. Author(s) should be contacted for reprint authorization. For more information, please see the ACM notice to contributing authors at http://authors.acm.org.